Artist Statement

norman silverstone photographer
Norman Silverstone
Fine Art Photographer & Teacher

Yes, Photography! I love the creativity of it, I love the feel of the camera, I love the gentle pressure on the shutter release, the voyeurism of the viewfinder.

My dream from an early age was to be a Photographer, my only true calling. Oh yes, I have worked at all kinds of jobs to be able to afford equipment, paper, film and chemicals but have always returned to my passion.

I have worked as a Taxi Driver, clerk in a Ladies Retail store, sold Avon, sold Cosmetics for a retail Drug Store, worked in a Hardware Store, have been a Bartender for Hotel Chains and Neighborhood Bars, sold Computers, Managed a Camera Shop, but always came home to the camera. Portraits, Weddings of every nationality, Bar-Mitzvahs, Food, Underwear, Models, Nudes, you name it, I have shot it. In between the starving Artist routine I managed to have Photo Exhibits in Montreal, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Nanaimo, and Port Alberni.

In 2000, I stocked the freezer with film, put my Hasselblad aside, and purchased a Nikon digital camera. Learning new technology, new ways of shooting, new ways of manipulating photos chemical-free, what an amazing digital voyage it has been.


Silverstone's Biography

Norman Silverstone was born in Montreal where, at the age of nine, he began experimenting with photography when his father gave him his first camera - a Brownie Starflash.

Almost all Photographic Biographies start the same way, don't they? Little Jimmy was given a Kodak Brownie at the tender age of seven and his career was ordained from that moment.

norman silverstone photographer
Silverstone in his youth

His fascination with the camera has included both commercial and artistic ventures. He apprenticed with Master Photographer, Jac-Guy, and later graduated from the "Famous Photographers School" in New York City.

He then opened a studio in Montreal specializing in Portraiture, Weddings, Fashion and Model Portfolios. During this period he freelanced for several Montreal newspapers - the Westmount Examiner, the Ville St. Laurent News, and the Architectural Digest.

He moved to Vancouver in 1971 to further his career. Many of the photomurals that he printed at this time are still on display throughout the City. He explored the potential of black and white photography by printing on fabric and metallic paper. He made his own chemicals and paper negatives, experimented with bleach etch processing and copper toning which resulted in a 1978 Show at the Great Pacific Canvas Company.

From 1978 to 1982 Silverstone lived in Los Angeles, California. Here he taught photography to the Stars in their homes, photographed Art Openings, Oil Paintings, Sculptures, and Interior Design.

Returning to Vancouver in 1982, he begin printing in Cibachrome, which led to custom printing in this medium for artists such as Don Dutton, Jack Scrivner, and Chris Dikeakos.

He has continued with his portrayal of photography as an art form with various exhibitions including:

  • Presentation House - 1988
  • Danaan Cafe - 1989
  • Van-City Savings and Credit Union - 1991
  • Exposure Gallery - 1991
  • Sinclair Centre - 1994
  • Nanaimo Arts Council - 1995
  • Nanaimo Art Gallery - 1996, 1997
  • Brandt Festival - 1998
  • Nanaimo International Café - 2002
  • Acme Food company - 2005
  • Parksville Festival of Art -2006
  • Calgary Stampede International Photo Exhibit - 2005, 2006
  • Rollins Art Gallery - 2006
  • Mermaid Gallery in Nelson - 2007

In his diverse photographic career, Silverstone has worked as a photographer, an artist, technician, and a teacher.